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24/7 Access to YOUR Safety Program Information by Complete Safety Solutions

Do you know where YOUR paperwork is?

Know where your Safety Program and compliance information is and access it from anywhere 24/7. When your Safety Program is managed by Complete Safety Solutions you'll find it here. Just log in and print it out or show it to that inspector and you're good to go. Check out expirations on training that is done by CSS and sign right up for renewal. No more calling the home office, searching through that pile of papers behind the truck seat, or in your overstuffed briefcase. Heck, even if you've stepped up to digital you don't have to search the folders on your computer. Just log on, check it out, and get back to work, or whatever it is that you were doing before you were so rudely interrupted.

Your files online can include:

  • Written Training Programs
  • Current CSS Training Expiration Report
  • Material Safetu Data Sheets and Chemical Inventory
  • Training Certificates
  • Any other Company Document you want to upload.

Expiration Reports and Written Training Programs are included with service. Other documents may include subscription fee and/or maintenance fees.

Complete Safety Solutions

CSS provides safety training and compliance solutions for the construction and mining industries, but we have innovative solutions that can make safety work for just about any situation.